The Never-Ending Twitter War Between Neville & Carragher Stages its Latest Battle

The Never-Ending Twitter War Between Neville & Carragher Stages its Latest Battle

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​Twitter was treated to a familiar sight yesterday as Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville once again decided to wind each other up online.

The war’s latest battle was started when Neville seized an opportunity to stick the boot into Carragher when the ex-Liverpool man asked for profile picture suggestions.

Neville cheekily suggested a few photos of Carragher’s most embarrassing moments as a Reds player – such as his owns goals for the club – as a remedy to his current picture predicament.

From that point on, it was every man for himself, with Carragher returning fire, hitting back with a tip that Neville should use photos illustrating his woeful stint as Valencia manager as well as a particularly Boyzone-esque snap from the 90’s of Gary and his brother Phil.

Nev thought he had the upper-hand when he rolled out a picture of his trophy record as a United player in retaliation, but that only gave Carra more ammunition it seems.

Upon viewing the picture, the no-nonsense defender ploughed into Man Utd’s recent history by saying Ferguson was the real reason behind the club’s success, and also Neville is a fraud for counting one of his Champions League medals on his record as he wasn’t playing in the final.

It would be no surprise if this aforementioned spat continued into the week, and our Twitter feeds are once again alive with banter from Sky Sports’ most-loved bickering pundits.

Who scored these famous last minute goals?

Who scored the winning goal in the 94th minute vs. QPR that won Manchester City the title in 2012?

Who scored Barcelona’s injury-time goal to knock PSG out of this year’s Champions League Quarter Final?

Who scored for the Netherlands in the 89th minute to send Argentina crashing out of the 1998 World Cup?

Who scored the all-important equalizing goal against Greece to send England through to the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

Who scored Real Madrid’s 93rd minute equalising goal against Atletico Madrid in the 2014 Champions League final to send the game into extra time?

You don’t know a thing. Better hit the history books!


Not bad, but you can do better!


Great job! You really know your football history!

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