Mauricio Pochettino Issues Transfer Market Warning to Rivals After Spurs Thrash Leicester

Mauricio Pochettino Issues Transfer Market Warning to Rivals After Spurs Thrash Leicester


​Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino has urged the club’s fans to remain calm amid the recent speculation surrounding many of their key players. 

Spurs ran out as 6-1 victors in their visit to the King Power Stadium, with a brace from Son Heung-Min and a staggering four goals from Harry Kane saw them manhandle the former English champions. 

Due to the near-irresistible football that they have played at times this season, a lot of transfer rumour has begun to swirl around several of Pochettino’s key men, with the likes of Eric Dier and Kyle Walker in particular rumoured to have had their heads turned by the Manchester clubs.

The Argentine manager was totally unfazed by the rumour mill however, and reiterated the fact that Spurs have no real need nor desire to sell their best players, telling ​Sky Sports“It’s very clear that we will keep the players we want to keep, and maybe we will sell players we want to sell. 

“We are so calm about our key players and they are very happy here. We are building a very exciting project and there is no reason for players like Harry to leave. 

“The team has worked so hard in the last few seasons to play how we play and now it’s the moment.

“Every season we try to improve, and next season and the season after when we move to the new stadium we want to not only try to keep the performance but also win trophies. This group of players deserves trophies.”

Pochettino did of course address the superb result for his team, and heaped praise on Kane in particular, a his four goal haul saw him catapulted to the top of the Premier League scoring charts. 


He added: “It is fantastic for him. It is a season again where he fights to be the top scorer in the Premier League.

“He is great, he is one of the best strikers in the world. He will try to keep going in the next game and try to finish in the best way.

“He was injured two times in the season but he is so fresh now and he is trying to score a lot of goals to finish at the top. We have another opportunity against Hull.”

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