Jose Mourinho speaks about Arsenal and Arsene Wenger’s new contract


Mourinho looking livid at full-time

New deal

Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger have always enjoyed a frosty relationship, which at times has gone into the nasty territory, with the two far from friends.

Both have taken numerous digs at the other over the years, and it seemed at one point that there would never be a kind word said about the other.

However, now Mourinho has actually spoken up in support of Wenger and praised the Arsenal board for the way they have handled the situation with Wenger and backed him – no matter what.

The Mirror report: “I think Mr Wenger got exactly what every manager wants. A strong club, two more years of contract and conditions to try to win titles.

Fantastic treatment from the Arsenal board. That is what he deserves and that is what every manager wants.”

Hotel again

Wenger may be more than settled at Arsenal, but Mourinho has once again decided against buying or renting a house in Manchester, instead opting to stay in a hotel for the entirety of next season.

That caused people to wonder if he really did have long term plans at United, yet Mourinho doesn’t seem to care where he lives, and will certainly not be short of luxury in the Lowry hotel, and is close to Manchester United’s stadium and training ground.

Source: 101greatgoals