Cristiano Ronaldo told Zinedine Zidane he wants to leave Real Madrid


Zidane & Ronaldo

Is Cristiano Ronaldo really leaving Real Madrid?

Despite the constant reports that Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid, it remains very difficult to believe this particular transfer rumour.

The Portuguese superstar has won consecutive Champions Leagues at Real Madrid and is currently in a side that could win three in a row.

Would Ronaldo really push that off over alleged tax evasion and anger at Real Madrid’s support?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo looking for a new Real Madrid contract?

From the beginning this has felt like Ronaldo throwing a tantrum with Real Madrid doing everything they can to keep the Portuguese superstar and an agreement coming later in the summer.

Perhaps Ronaldo is even looking for better contract terms at Real Madrid, and this is a way to push them through?

Either way, we don’t think it likely that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid, but the staggering amount of reports that suggest he will cannot now be ignored.

Ronaldo tells Zizou he wants out of Spain

The big splash in Marca on Sunday was that Zinedine Zidane had called Ronaldo late last week and was, hopefully a key factor from a Real Madrid perspective, in keeping the Portuguese superstar at the Bernabeu.

In addition to Zizou, Sergio Ramos had also called Ronaldo in a bid to keep him at Real Madrid.

On Sunday night, Spanish radio station Cope report that Ronaldo did speak to Zidane, but simply told him he wants out of Spain.


Paco González reported on Cope that Ronaldo wants to leave Spain as he feels he is treated like a “delinquent”, especially by the media.

Gonzalez added that Ronaldo does not yet have offers from a specific team but they agreed to talk again after the Confederations Cup.

The final of the Confederations Cup is on July 2, 2017.

Portugal drew their first game of the competition 2-2 with Mexico on Sunday. Ronaldo was somehow named man of the match.

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