Chelsea Star Sparks Transfer Talk After Discussing 'Special' Relationship With Rival Manager

Chelsea Star Sparks Transfer Talk After Discussing 'Special' Relationship With Rival Manager


​Chelsea midfielder Willian has opened up on his relationship with the managers he has worked under during his career, and has reserved special praise for Jose Mourinho.

Willian has spoken about the managers who have helped him the most during his career, he told ​ESPN Brasil: “I learned something from all of them. I learned a lot.


“When I went to Shakhtar with Lucescu. When I left Shakhtar, in a very short spell at Anzhi with Guus Hiddink, I learned a lot. And then here at Chelsea with Mourinho, a manager who helped me a lot, I learned a lot from him.

Willian elaborated on his relationship with Mourinho, with whom he won the League Cup and Premier League in 2015.

“The coach who has helped me since my arrival at Chelsea. That backed me, that put me to play, that relied on my potential, that relied on my work. So no doubt I have affection for all, but Mourinho was a guy that I have a special affection and helped me a lot.”

After being left on the sidelines for the majority of the season at Chelsea due to the form of Pedro, Willian’s comments about Mourinho will only add fuel to the rumours linking the Portuguese manager with a move to bring the Brazil international to Manchester United.

The hard-working wide man started just 14 Premier League games for the Blues all season, in a campaign which saw Antonio Conte stick fairly rigidly to his ‘best’ starting XI week-in, week-out.

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