Arsenal Legend Tony Adams Recalls How Teammate 'Decked' Machete-Wielding Man in Hong...

Arsenal Legend Tony Adams Recalls How Teammate 'Decked' Machete-Wielding Man in Hong Kong Scrap


Arsenal legend Tony Adams has described the time Ray Parlour ‘decked’ a machete-wielding attacker during a Hong Kong brawl.

Adams explained how former Gunners man Chris Kiwomya talking to a girl had led to the striker and Parlour getting into trouble.

In a excerpt of his new book released by ​the Sun, Adams said: “I was walking down the road with Ray Parlour during a club tour to Hong Kong in 1995 when I noticed a row occurring on the other side of the street.

Arsenal v Wolverhampton Wanderers

“I could see it involved our striker Chris Kiwomya, who had apparently got talking to a girl and it all kicked off, with her boyfriend taking offence. I went over to try to sort it out, and as it calmed down a local was coming at Ray with a machete.

“Undeterred, Ray decked the bloke, who was a taxi driver who had taken exception to Ray apparently lobbing prawn crackers into his cab.

Ray Parlour of Arsenal and Edouard Cisse of West Ham United

“I dragged Ray away and we began to hurry off, only for the police to appear at the end of the road.

“I turned into a side street but Ray got picked up, as did Chris, who had begun fighting again with the girl’s boyfriend.

“I immediately told the chairman, Peter Hill-Wood, who arranged for a barrister to sort it all out.


“Chris got off and although Ray was fined HK$4,000 (around £300 at the time), he was lucky to avoid a jail sentence.

“Arsenal were not about to let Ray escape that easily, however, and he was presented with a bill for the lawyer, which came to £12,000. He was on £600 a week back then and it took him several seasons to pay it off.”

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