7 Reasons Why Monaco Star Kylian Mbappé Should Consider Joining Arsenal

Kylian Mbappé

Reports in recent weeks have suggested that Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has finally changed his approach to being frugal in the transfer market, leading to the rumours circulating that the French boss is on the verge of sanctioning a massive move for teenage sensation Kylian Mbappé.

If this comes to fruition, a statement signing of this magnitude could be a game changer for Arsenal and the Premier League, not to mention breaking the transfer record.

Here are seven reasons why the rapid French international should move to the Emirates.

1. Arsenal Modelled on Attacking Football


As an Arsenal fan, you might want to pop the champagne if Mbappé signs for the Gunners. Wenger will be in his element if he sticks with a 5-4-1 formation and Alexis Sanchez stays. 

The attacking talent on show would be frightening and the young Monaco star would thrive in a team that features Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla. 

2. Mesut Ozil Would Be in Assist Heaven


In his days at Real Madrid, Mesut Ozil was one of the greatest passers in Europe when he donned the famous white strip at the Santiago Bernabéu. There was a reason for his continued brilliance in Spain, since he had pace in front of him to pass to.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema in his prime and Angel Di Maria all offered blistering counter-attacking speed which helped to get the best out of the German. 

At Arsenal since he has moved, aside from Alexis Sanchez, who has he had available to pass to? Thankfully Yaya Sanogo and Nicklas Bendtner are no longer on the books, but if you add Mbappé to the squad and Sanchez stays, suddenly life will become rosy again for Ozil.

3. Thierry Henry


It’s hard to not see the resemblance between the two, while Mbappé is only just starting his career and wowing us all with his performances, Thierry Henry did it for countless seasons in the Premier League and La Liga with a series of breathtaking displays. The French striker won it all with France and at club level.

If Mbappé can match half his exploits he will have a great career, and what better place to do it then at Arsenal. The resemblance is uncanny in playing style and appearance, they both have pace to burn and if he joins, Mbappé could return the club to the days of glory much like his idol enjoyed.

4. Would Feel Like Home At the Emirates Among His Compatriots

French Stars

Since Wenger joined the club in 1996, he has stamped his authority on the club with a number of French signings, with many of them becoming a symbol of the attacking style of football he adores. 

Captain Patrick Vieira was one of his first and most important signings, Henry has a statue outside the stadium and Robert Pires won countless awards.

Essentially the club has a very French feel to it, and if Mbappé signed for the Gunners, it would be like a second home with a host of teammates such as Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud, Petr Cech to name a few that can speak his native tongue.

5. Respect for Arsene Wenger


He may not be everybody’s cup of tea in England, with many jumping on the bandwagon for Wenger to leave this summer, but the Frenchman is adored in his native country. 

Highly respected by his nationals and approached on numerous occasions to manage both the national team and PSG, his approach to the game and commitment is second to none.

Sources claim that Wenger and Mbappé already have a good understanding and relationship, so playing for Arsenal under the experienced manager’s guidance could improve the speed merchant even more. 

6. Adored by the Fans


Arsenal fans can be frustrating at the best of times, booing the team when they do not perform and angry at the fact Wenger has not spent the money available to the Gunners to boost the team’s chances of Premier League success.

However, the signing of Mbappé would be a landmark moment. He would be worshipped by the fans. Finally, they will have a statement signing that shows they mean business as a club once more. 

They could make a considerable return just from the shirt sales, and if he struts like Henry and bags the goals that lead to a major trophy, his name will be chanted for years to come.

7. Guarantee of First Team Football to Aid Development


Although his name is up in lights already and he is the talk of the town, he may be brought back down to earth when he faces opposition in the Premier League. A move to Arsenal would be a huge step up from Monaco and Ligue 1.

In front of 60,000 fans a week, in a tightly contested league who would soon figure his strengths and weaknesses, each game would be a constant battle. 

He might see it as a step back with no Champions League football, which he recently stated is his ‘obsession’, but 38 games in the Premier League for Arsenal would be a fantastic way for the young star to develop as a striker and a player in the most demanding of competitions.

Source: 90min