Arjen Robben becomes the fastest footballer of all-time, overtakes Arsenal’s Theo Walcott [Picture]

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott is no longer the fastest footballer on the planet.

Back in September 2013, FIFA announced that Arsenal’s Walcott  was the quickest footballer in the world, as he was clocked at running he 100 meters at 35.7 km/h.

Walcott’s record was smashed on Friday night though by Bayer Munich’s Arjen Robben, for Holland’s fourth goal against the Spanish.

Robben was recorded a speeding at a remarkable 37 km/h. By comparison, Spain defender Sergio Ramos was made to look slow running at only 30.6 miles per hour.

Holland’s next match is against Australia on Wednesday night in Porto Alegre.

source: 101greatgoals


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